These Under-$98 Finds Are So Good It’s Kind of Alarming

I'm just going to say it. I know a great affordable fashion buy when I see one. While I could sit down and explain in detail why exactly each of these finds is so spot-on, I prefer to rely on my gut instinct as it hasn't led me astray yet. You know how I can tell when something is really good versus just okay? It happens when I come across items, like the below 25, that make me feel all sorts of extreme emotions such as wonder, panic, and above all, pure delight. I'll even go so far as to say the items featured here will likely have the same effect on you.

You see, I've scoured the internet from top to bottom and found a whole lot of affordable clothing buys that shook me to my core. Sure, you could waste the better half of an hour hunting down these jaw-dropping finds for yourself, or you could simply trust me and scroll through my edit to see the best under-$100 clothing items that are alarming me by how good they are. So choose wisely—and happy shopping!

This energizing color makes me want to work out just looking at it. Shop the matching FreeForm Shorts ($45).

Two things: My favorite Reformation top now comes in a lovely limoncello hue, and it's on sale for under $100.

Just like your favorite ribbed racer tank but in dress form.

Not only do I aggressively need this blazer in my life, but I also definitely need the matching Bermuda shorts to complete my ideal summer vibe.

I think wearing this will make me smile more.

Hi, 1-800-Compliments? It's me, Anna.

A combination of my favorite swim trends right now.

Plus the matching bottoms—that belted waist, tho!

Sarong season, y'all.

Summer cardigans exist, and they look exactly like this.

Arguably my favorite new denim trend yet.

You absolutely have to see the back.

I'm obsessed with everything about this, from the styling to the skateboard, but especially the perfect length of these shorts.

Just wow.

Okay, fine, I'll keep wearing loungewear if it looks this cute.

This color is called mango, and I find that so delightful.

House dresses, ever heard of 'em?

Ruffles for the win.

Have you ever seen prettier bikini bottoms in your life?

You win, Topshop. You win.

Easy is in the name.

The utility trend is one that just won't quit (nor do I  want it to).

Heart eyes.

What can I say? I'm on a bikini kick right now.

How I plan to keep cool in the middle of summer.

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Author: Anna LaPlaca